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Bressert Signal Forex Strategy

Table of Contents

The Bressert signal strategy is a strategy based on two oscillating indicators. One confirms the trend while the other confirms the overbought and oversold territories. By combining these two indicators, the probability of a winning setup is increased.

The DSS Bressert Indicator

The Bressert indicator is an oscillating indicator with a similar configuration and characteristic as the stochastic oscillators. Just like the stochastic oscillator, it also has the fast and slow lines, and it also has the overbought and oversold areas. Its difference however is its smoothened characteristic. Unlike the stochastic oscillator that plots highly responsive lines, the Bressert indicator is much smoother.

The EMAOsMA Indicator

The EMAOsMA indicator is another oscillating indicator based on moving averages. It has its similarities with the MACD. Its main role in this strategy is to indicate the direction of the trend. Like the MACD, it has a line that oscillates up and down with a midpoint level at zero. If the line is crossing up the zero line, then it indicates that price is being pressured up. If the line is crossing down, then it indicates that price is being pressured down. One of its main advantages is that this custom indicator plots an arrow on the price chart where the indicator crosses the zero line.

The Buy Setup – Entries, Stop Losses & Exits

To initiate buy orders, the following rules must be met:

  1. The EMAOsMA indicator is crossing up the zero line indicating that price is being pressured up
  2. Both lines of the Bressert indicator is above the 50-line indicating that the market sentiment is bullish, but is not yet near the overbought territory
  3. A gold arrow pointing up appears on the price chart indicating the entry candle

Stop Loss: The stop loss should be placed a few pips below the latest minor swing low.

To exit the trade, the trade should be manually closed as the Bressert indicator’s red line crosses the blue line going down. This should indicate that the market’s bullish bias is either losing steam or may soon reverse.

On this chart, five entry signals were spotted. However, two of the three have the Bressert indicator lines near or at the overbought area. Therefore, those trades should not be taken. The other three buy setups did produce a profit. The yellow lines indicate the entry, the red lines indicate the stop loss, and the green lines indicate the exits on profit.

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The Sell Setup – Entries, Exits and Stop Losses

To enter a sell trade using this strategy, the following rules should be met:

  1. The EMAOsMA indicator is crossing down the zero line indicating that price is being pressured down
  2. Both lines of the Bressert indicator is below the 50-line indicating that the market sentiment is bearish, but is not yet near the oversold territory
  3. A dark green arrow pointing down appears on the price chart indicating the entry candle

Stop Loss: The stop loss should be placed just a few pips above the most recent minor swing high.

To take profits, the trade should be manually closed as soon as the Bressert indicator’s red line is crossing the blue line.

On this chart, three sell signals came up. Of the three, one had its Bressert lines on the oversold area, which indicates that price may reverse. The other two however were in profit. However, since the swing highs were far from the signal candle, the stop losses were a little bit too wide.


The combination of the EMAOsMA indicator and the DSS Bressert indicator is deadly. The EMAOsMA gives the entry signals, however, since it doesn’t take into account the overbought and oversold areas, sometimes the signals are not at an optimal area. This is where the DSS Bressert indicator comes in. The DSS Bressert indicator filter out this problem scenarios by showing which prices are at the overbought and oversold areas.

The setback of this indicator though is that it sometimes gives late signals. The problem with late signals is that using the swing highs and lows as areas for stop losses would cause wide stop losses. These wide stop losses in turn causes a low risk reward ratio. Looking at the sell setups, the two trades that should be taken yielded a risk reward ratio which is less than 1:1. This is not ideal. However, there is no way to know if the trade would yield a good risk reward ratio or not since there is no hard and fixed target take profit. What the trader could do though is assess if the stop loss is quite wide for his liking or not.

This forex strategy’s strength though is its accuracy. With just two custom indicators, quality signals were provided while screening out signals that are not optimal. Having a strategy with a good win ratio allows the trader to risk a little bit more using a good money management system.

Forex Trading Systems Installation Instructions

Bressert Signal Forex Strategy is a combination of Metatrader 4 (MT4) indicator(s) and template.

The essence of this forex system is to transform the accumulated history data and trading signals.

Bressert Signal Forex Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye.

Based on this information, traders can assume further price movement and adjust this system accordingly.

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How to install Bressert Signal Forex Strategy?

  • Download Bressert Signal Forex Strategy.zip
  • Copy mq4 and ex4 files to your Metatrader Directory / experts / indicators /
  • Copy tpl file (Template) to your Metatrader Directory / templates /
  • Start or restart your Metatrader Client
  • Select Chart and Timeframe where you want to test your forex system
  • Right click on your trading chart and hover on “Template”
  • Move right to select Bressert Signal Forex Strategy
  • You will see Bressert Signal Forex Strategy is available on your Chart

*Note: Not all forex strategies come with mq4/ex4 files. Some templates are already integrated with the MT4 Indicators from the MetaTrader Platform.

DSS Bressert

Doppia Smoothed stocastico – Indicatore Forex da Walter Bressert Bella indicatore forex, non è vero? Quindi, come possiamo usare questo indicatore? Proprio come l’utilizzo di
#3 Il meglio di EMA Croci su S / R | Forex Strategie . tutti gli indicatori: EMA Crossover Signal.mq4 breakout-EAGLE_indicator.mq4 Pivot Points Multitimeframe .
Piattaforma Tech . Ecco la mia proposta, Ecco l’accordo, Io uso il DSS Bressert Stoch. Indicatore sul . posso programmare l’EA per voi, ma il mio lavoro non è gratis .
Indicatore Forex doppio Smoothed stocastico da Walter Bressert . Bella indicatore forex, isnt? Quindi, come possiamo usare questo indicatore? Proprio come l’utilizzo stocastico originale .

Opzioni binarie Indicatori – Istruzioni per il download

DSS Bressert è un Metatrader 4 (MT4) indicatore e l’essenza dell’indicatore forex è quello di trasformare la storia dati accumulati.

DSS Bressert prevede la possibilità di riconoscere diverse peculiarità e modelli in dinamica dei prezzi che sono invisibili ad occhio nudo.

Sulla base di queste informazioni, gli operatori possono assumere ulteriore movimento dei prezzi e adeguare la loro strategia di conseguenza.

Come installare DSS Bressert.mq4?

  • Scarica DSS Bressert.mq4
  • Copia DSS Bressert.mq4 alla vostra directory Metatrader / esperti / Indicatori /
  • Avviare o riavviare il client Metatrader
  • Selezionare Diagramma e temporale in cui si desidera verificare l’indicatore
  • Ricerca “Indicatori personalizzati” in Navigator soprattutto sinistra nel tuo client Metatrader
  • Fare clic destro su DSS Bressert.mq4
  • Fissare a un grafico
  • Modificare le impostazioni o premere ok
  • Indicatore DSS Bressert.mq4 è disponibile sul Grafico

Come rimuovere DSS Bressert.mq4 dal Grafico Metatrader?

  • Selezionare il grafico in cui è l’indicatore in esecuzione nel vostro client Metatrader
  • Fare clic destro nel Grafico
  • “Lista Indicatori”
  • Selezionare l’indicatore e cancellare

Clicca qui sotto per scaricare le opzioni binarie Indicatori:

DSS Bressert Indicator – Can I Have My Very Own Crystal Ball?

Lately my head is spinning from all the tools I try out, attempting to find that perfectly accurate indicator also known as the Crystal Ball. In case you’re wondering if I found it… nope, I didn’t. And more than that, I strongly believe it doesn’t exist. Um, did I just destroy your dreams? Don’t worry, the perfect combination of indicators exists out there; I’m just saying that a single indicator cannot give you outstanding results. So, since we are looking for the perfect combination of tools/indicators, here’s one that might qualify as an important part of the puzzle: the Double Smoothed Stochastic developed by Mr. Bressert.

How to Use the DSS Bressert?

The calculation used for the DSS Bressert is similar to the one used for the normal Stochastic but since Math is not my strong point, I am not gonna go into much detail about it. In fact, I believe most of you are interested to know how good the indicator is, not the exact math behind it. So, just to keep you interested, here’s a picture of the indicator in action (Blue lines are winners and Red lines are losers):

Eleven winning trades and two losing trades… that’s how far my Math goes, but in my book, that means outstanding, especially because only one indicator is used, not a combination of 5 or 10 or 100. Ok, now that you are probably interested, let’s see what the actual signal to enter a trade is. I am going to keep it as simple as possible: when the red line of the indicator crosses the blue line downwards, that’s a signal to open a bearish trade. When the red line crosses the blue upwards, open a bullish trade. Maybe I don’t need to mention this… but I am talking about the lines of the indicator, not the vertical lines which I placed on the chart to show you the entries.

As an additional/alternate signal, you could use just the red line of the DSS: place bearish trades when it crosses the 80 levels downwards, coming from above and place bullish trades when it crosses the 20 levels upwards, coming from below. Using this alternate signal during strong trends should be done only in the direction of the trend.

Just as the normal Stochastic, the Double Smoothed Stochastic shows us the overbought and oversold condition of a specific asset. You may have noticed the indicator has two levels set at 80 and 20; a reading above 80 suggests the asset is overbought (price is considered too high) and it may come down. Following the same logic, a reading below 20 indicates an oversold condition (price is too low) and a potential move up. The default settings of the indicator are EMA-period 8 and Stochastic-period 13 but you can adjust those to make it even smoother than it already is or faster and more responsive if you need more signals. Keep in mind the fact that making it faster will also make it less accurate.

Installing the DSS Bressert on the Meta Trader 4 Platform

The indicator itself is available for download for free at the bottom of this article and on several other places around the internet. Extract the content of the archive in your “indicators” folder. Once you’ve done that, restart your Meta Trader 4 platform and attach the indicator to a desired chart.

Why does the DSS Bressert Suck?

The indicator has a major weakness: a strong trending market. In this type of market, any signal against the trend should NOT be followed. In other words, if in a strong uptrend the DSS crosses downwards, indicating a bearish trade, disregard it and wait for a signal in the direction of the trend (Buy or Call). If you take a look at my picture, you will notice that a clear trend is not present and the indicator performs very well. Now take a look at any chart with a strong trend and you will see that counter-trend trades rarely yield a profit.

Why the DSS Bressert doesn’t Suck?

Just as any tool, it must be used with caution and in conjunction with other confirming factors. If you manage to do that, this indicator will become one of your favorites. Just as the name suggests, the DSS is smoother than the normal Stochastic (which remains a very good indicator) and this makes it more accurate, showing a closer-to-reality overbought/oversold condition of the asset.

Wrapping it up – Smooth as Silk

To successfully use Bressert’s Double Smoothed Stochastic you have to know a thing or two about trends and ranging markets. If you will just pick it up and trade each cross of the 2 lines, the winning percentage will drop substantially, but if you incorporate some sort of trend recognition indicator (there are plenty), you’ll be sleeping on silk sheets… well, maybe you already do, but I think you get the picture ;)

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